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Search for a person, organization or keyword and we'll find the world's top scientific expert, rank them and give you their latest content. Easy. It's expert discovery reinvented. Sure, our advanced algorithms scour millions of documents, people, papers, patents, grants and other sources in milliseconds, but who cares! It's dead simple and powerful.

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Our vision is to unlock human potential by connecting the people who change the world. Use Knode to find the people who will inspire you, who you will collaborate with and mentor.

We hold firmly to a few core values. We believe in having a laser-focus on building something that matters. Something that helps people achieve their full potential. We are a combination of scientific minds and technology geeks obsessed with the fact that if we can help you discover the right people, we can advance science and literally save lives. We can't afford to wait to build it.

We don't have all the answers, but we know that discovering people matters, so we're building a system that helps people achieve it better.


We can't do it alone, so we continuously strive to partner with the world's most forward-thinking organization. From universities to enterprises to societies, Knode is a joint effort to develop the world's best expert discovery platform.

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