Capturing Researcher Identity

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KNODE’s partners span the life science research and publishing ecosystem. We can help you better manage internal talent, promote your experts to the world, engage with outside collaborators, and manage and track your membership/faculty/staff.


Leading research institutions employ KNODE to share their expertise with the world.

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Leading research institutions employ KNODE to share their expertise with the world through:

  • Custom institutional portals
  • Searchable research networks of affiliated organizations
  • KNODE content embedded in proprietary directory systems
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Small companies to large, Fortune 500 corporations rely on KNODE to make the critical connections that move R&D forward.

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Small companies to large, Fortune 500 corporations rely on KNODE to make the critical connections that move R&D forward by:

  • Identifying leading academic researchers for collaboration
  • Connecting with clinical experts or
    up-and-coming investigators
  • Profiling and connecting with their
    own internal experts
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Scientific Societies & Regional Groups

Research groups leverage KNODE to support and expand their organization's impact.

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Research groups leverage KNODE to support and expand their organization's impact for:

  • Custom organizational membership portals
  • Identifying and recruiting new
  • Connecting members to key content, such as conferences
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What is Knode?

KNODE is a versatile platform to capture expertise and foster collaboration.

We extract data from millions of documents, including US Patents, Pubmed Abstracts, NIH grants and records. Using advance semantic mining and data processing algorithms, we create dynamic research signatures for millions of researchers, describing their core areas of expertise, publication track record, authorship networks, and more.

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Knode can rapidly build and deploy a custom-branded portal featuring all of your organization’s researchers with powerful search and collaboration tools. Contact us today.


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In the News

Wiley-KNODE Partnership Puts Collaboration at the Center of the Research Experience

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced a new partnership with startup technology company KNODE to provide customized research expertise portals to learned societies and other academic organizations worldwide.

Exchanges: “It’s not who you know, it’s who you should know”

To celebrate KNODE and Wiley’s new partnership to deliver innovative services to scholarly and scientific societies, we interviewed their CEO, David Steinberg.

KNODE and Wiley Collaborate on Next-Generation Research Portals

Earlier this month, Boston-area scholarly research portal developer KNODE announced a new partnership with Wiley to expand its services…

New KNODE Portal Connects Researchers with Potential Collaborators

The University of Kentucky is partnering with KNODE Inc. to promote and connect UK researchers with colleagues and potential collaborators worldwide.

New Academic Portal Connects Researchers, Projects

There’s a new way for University of Iowa researchers to connect with colleagues and potential collaborators worldwide… an academic expertise portal available called KNODE.

BLOG: Use case – integrate with workflow tools

The unique expertise search capabilities of KNODE are … built to be componentized and embedded into other systems… Here are several scenarios… (VIVO 2013 joint poster with Vanderbilt University)

BLOG: Use case – integrate with institutional systems

Collaboration is critical to the success of clinical translational research. Medical researchers, clinicians, practitioners, as well as industry professionals must work together to accelerate new discoveries…

KNODE one of 10 startups fueling pharma in social media

Potentially powerful collaboration tools have also attracted pharma groups, bringing scientists, patients and physicians into the same digital arenas to share ideas and partner on research.

Startup Watch: 5 to follow includes KNODE

Each week Mass High Tech will highlight five startups selected by a team of editors.

BLOG: Use case – find experts quickly to review new data

Yesterday researchers reported that salty food could exacerbate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis via an inflammatory pathway. This was a mouse study, so say you want to explore that further and gather opinions from a number of clinical experts…

BLOG: KNODE Search™ now open to the public

Today we are pleased to announce we’ve lifted our registration wall for KNODE users.

New site links UofL experts to world

The University of Louisville is partnering with KNODE Inc. to promote and connect UofL faculty experts with others from around the world. Through a UofL-specific, searchable site, the KNODE platform helps individual researchers, academic institutions and companies share scientific knowledge.

UofL hopes partnership will grow faculty connections

The University of Louisville is hoping to make its faculty experts more available to researchers and pharmaceutical firms through a new web service. School officials announced a partnership this week with a Boston firm called KNODE, which provides a web platform for finding experts around the country.

KNODE: The Next Stage of the Internet is About What You Know

…That’s where KNODE comes in, a Cambridge-based global, automated scientific expertise search engine and profiling system.

ORCID Launches Registry

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is excited to announce the launch of its Registry, where researchers can distinguish themselves by creating a unique personal identifier.

Social networks attempt to spark academic–university collaborations

This month, Boston–based Enlight Biosciences is launching KNODE, an internet service to kick–start connections between industry and academic laboratories interested in translation.

BLOG: Why ORCID – the universal ID for researchers – matters to KNODE

The not-for-profit organization ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) will be launching its service in the very near future with plans to uniquely identify scientific researchers and match them with their associated content. This will be a significant initiative.

BLOG: “Social” isn’t an end – it’s a means

In July, McKinsey and Company published a report on unlocking value through social technologies. The report reveals that: “The average interaction worker spends…nearly 20 percent [of the workweek] looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues…”

BLOG: KNODE Collaborating with UCSF and VIVO to enhance research networking with OpenSocial Gadgets

Core to KNODE’s mission is bringing together researchers across academic and industry organizations. One focus of our efforts is our work with some of the world’s top research institutions and non-profit organizations to enhance academic research networking.

DOTW Is Enlightened In The New Way of Doing Deals

Enlight Biosciences announced on August 2 that KNODE had entered into a “strategic partnership with AstraZeneca PLC and other industry and academic partners.”

Founded by Enlight Biosciences, KNODE partners with AstraZeneca and Other Partners

Enlight Biosciences LLC today announced that its newest portfolio company, KNODE, has formed strategic partnerships with AstraZeneca and other industry and academic partners. As an Enlight partner, AstraZeneca will collaborate in the development of KNODE’s innovative web-based solution for providing a comprehensive view of life science experts and their work.

Enlight Bio’s KNODE Advances Social Network for Pharma

Enlight Biosciences, a pharma industry-backed entrepreneurial venture, unveiled its newest portfolio company today, KNODE. The Cambridge, MA-based startup, which is developing a LinkedIn-like social networking tool for drug companies, has formed strategic partnerships with AstraZeneca and other industry and academic partners, says David Steinberg, founding CEO of both Enlight and KNODE.

AstraZeneca adopts search engine for scientists

London-based drug giant AstraZeneca ($AZN) has headlined a group of early users of Boston-based startup KNODE’s search engine of sorts for finding life sciences experts and their digital content, becoming the first Big Pharma revealed as an adopter of the web-based software.

John Reynders on the Role of R&D Information at AstraZeneca

It wasn’t just the lure of a 10-minute commute from his suburban Boston home that prompted John Reynders to join AstraZeneca (AZ) as head of R&D Information some 18 months ago, after stints at Celera (Maryland), Lilly (Indianapolis), and J&J (New Jersey). Rather it was the diversity of skills among his team of some 400 people, with expertise ranging from clinical informatics and knowledge engineering to software architects and business intelligence, and the company’s belief in innovation and long-range strategic planning.

Some venture firms find both ideas and the money

Last year, Ember raised $34 million from Third Rock and other investors. The company is run by Lou Tartaglia, a Third Rock partner who, like Levin, is an alumnus of Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Another company, Foundation Medicine of Cambridge, enables doctors to send in a biopsy of a patient’s tumor and have its genetic make-up analyzed. “They can tell you what genes are mutated in this particular cancer, and what drugs are on the market, or in clinical trials, that a doctor might want to look at,” says Levin. “It gives you the chance to pick the right drug for the right person at the right time.”

KNODE - Expert search tool for life sciences

KNODE knows something about the needs of Big Pharma. For one, some are so large and complex that scientists can struggle to find peers and others in their own companies that can help them solve problems. And after years of unproductive R&D, many drugmakers have begun to increase their tie-ups with experts from outside of their organizations to aid in product development.

Startup KNODE takes off with pharma fuel

KNODE has sprung to life with web-based software to enable life sciences stakeholders to hunt for top experts. Inspired by the unfulfilled needs of its pharma supporters, the startup has quietly developed a test version of its product in limited use at undisclosed drug companies and other organizations, KNODE’s co-founder and interim CEO, David Steinberg, told FierceBiotech IT.

Industry Voices: In Pursuit of Scientific Hive Mind

A vocal and active scientific community is clamoring for unrestricted access to scholarly works, a movement known as “open access”, while journal publishers largely resist the call. For a reasoned and nuanced commentary, check out EMBO Director Maria Leptin’s 3/16 editorial in the journal Science. Oh wait, you can’t--it’s behind AAAS’ pay wall. But why is open access important? And even if it becomes a reality, what will we do with all of that information once we get it?